Big Dreams and Gen Y



Hi Beautiful Souls,

Do you guys remember when I was talking about people I don’t know or people that have past that I feel a strange kinship too. Edie Sedgwick is one of those people


It was once said about Edie by her sister Suki believe that Edie ‘Had a streak of Wuthering Heights in her. She loved violent weather, was not afraid to be alone on a mountaintop’ that is something Edie and I have in common. I said a few days after Christmas that I want to live on a moor somewhere, in a little stone cottage – yes people may disagree   but that sounds like heaven to me – even if it’s for a few weeks or months – it’s something that I want to do – it’s somewhere that I want to live – for it to be my life, if only for a little while. So I’ve given that want to a character of mine, so in some way –   I can have it – We are our characters at times.


One thing I think Gen Y (yes that’s me) is good at, is dreaming. Dreams for ourselves and when it comes to things we want out of this life, the sky is the limit. My last few days of high school we all ran around with these signature book – handing them to friends-writing in each other’s – theses book had questions that we had to answer. What you’ll remember about school and all that type of stuff – one of the things you need to write down was a quote. Sixty per cent (maybe more) of my book was a quote that said ‘Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars’ we didn’t know it at the time but that quote was by a man called Les Brown and that quote, that one quote describes us better that anything I could write to you or tell you about us – because that is what we all have done – we all choose different pathways in this life – careers or family or travel – no matter what it was – we all shoot for the moon


I watched a movie on the weekend called Third Star  (if you’re anything like me have a box of tissues next to you if you see it, because it is a tear-jerker) A group of friends all in their late twenties, go on a camping trip- one of which is dying of cancer . While seeing their friend at the end of his life – not going to see thirty – it makes them reassess their lives and what they have not done. Their parents were married, settled down and well on the road to their career and they  at the exact same point in time, of their live, aren’t. It’s a beautiful movie. There is nothing wrong with different paths or different dreams but I think the only thing we as a generation have gotten wrong is – the amount of time we thought our dreams were going to take us, to do.


The one thing that Gen Y is known and criticized for is we want everything now. We are not known for our practice and this is where that angst for our dreams grows. We had and have no idea how long our big dream will take us and when we are at a standstill we get dishearten that – it will never happen. I sent a couple of friends of paragraph of something I’ve been working on. I said to one of these friends ‘It’s hard and it (the end game) feels so far away. I feel like I’m never going to get there’ and she wrote back to me and said You will…even if you have to write it a million times – you know what you want…it will get there…im sure of it.


It is a dream –I know it – whether it be writing a novel – getting publish – someone I don’t know, loving and believe in what I have written. Or that windswept stone cottage on the moor with field of heather surrounding me – They are dreams. There romanticized dreams of the way we want our lives to be but those dreams can be a reality. We just might have to wait a little longer then we first thought, before we can make that reality. Sometimes we just need a few hands to hold along the way



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