Music Monday: Brother Sal and The Devil May Care



Hello My Beautiful Souls,

I’ve heard Brother Sal’s music called everything from saloon gospel rock to whorehouse gospel. There is something about Brother Sal and his band The Devil May Care,that is that  soulful rock n roll that is sadly rare these days.

I found this gem of an album called Blood & Dust  I was on Spotify one afternoon while writing.  One song played randomly it was called Broke and Busted. It just started with this drumbeat that kicks in from the start and you can’t help but move to that beat. The song has this New Orleans, bluesy but rock and roll sound to it and let me put it this way – I listened to this song on Saturday and it’s still playing in my head, like I played it five minutes ago. It with grab a hold of you and just not leave you. You’ll be grooving for days

You guys know me well enough to know that when it comes to music – one song – is all it takes for me to go out (or straight on to itunes, god bless the modern world) and buy an album. So that’s what I did.

I Will Tell is also a gem. I defying you to stomp your feet and dance around your living room or match down the street, while listen to it. 

Blood & Dust is gritty, enjoyable. I’d call it bluesy-rock/Americana but then again I don’t work for Rolling Stone so what would I know. All I know for sure is that Brother Sal sings like he has an old soul or his lived a thousand lives in this one.


Brother Sal and The Devil May Care have a new album coming out soon called – The Other Side of Sin and I can’t wait to hear it, to see what they have cooked up because I know that I will love it

The more I learn about the Californian/Los Angeles music scene (first with Arielle Paul and now with Brother Sal) the more I am amazed by the talent that is there and that is emerging. I wish I could fly there every weekend but sadly I live in Sydney, so that is slight out of my grasp but if you live there and you can get out and see the amazing Brother Sal, please do. He plays at the Piano Bar on Selma Ave (please check the website for more) . Please go down and have a dance for me. Go enjoy and lose yourself in some real and fantastic music

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3 thoughts on “Music Monday: Brother Sal and The Devil May Care

  1. Great review of Sal and his music. I found him when he opened for some friends of mine (The Young Dubliners) at the Roxy on Sunset (in Hollywood)…been listening to him ever since. Douglas Busby has done a series of songwriting vignettes…how a song is create and recorded. Sal did the first one and my buddies did episode two – you should check them out. Here is a link to the YD episode (from there, you can find Sal’s episode):

      1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Young Dubs are a great band and you won’t find a better live show. The HOB in Hollywood is closing at the end of the month and their staff voted YD the best act/show of the last 20 years. They played their last show their last Friday and it was an amazing show. Check out more of their music…you’ll love it!

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