Gloomy Monday Mornings


Hi My Loves,

I woke up on Monday morning (insanely early as per the norm) it was cloudy, miserable and pretty cold for summer in Sydney. It’s my final week at work before the holiday break – from Christmas eve until the 30th – yes that’s only four days – but it is certainly four days I need for my sanity.  I was SO over it – to the stage that I was getting agitated at every little thing.  People were talking loud about the BBQ (sausage sizzle) that my building was putting on for the holiday season. The phone was ringing, emails flying in a warp speed with problem, upon problem, companies wanting to be paid before Christmas and the only thought I had floating around in my head was that I wanted the Glastonbury Music Festival to be on 24/7, I wanted to live that in a tent, with a cool wardrobe full of dresses, shorts and cute tops, lace up boots and wellies. Basically everything on the Free People website (and I mean everything). I just wanted to live there and listen to music from amazing bands. Dancing like a hippie and be otherworldly. Grinning and sway. Be unearthly bound for all eternity and of cause, never age.


It was a total dream to me in more ways than one but that’s what I wanted. I just want to flee my life. I’ve always had this gypsy inside me willing me to pack a bag and go to the airport and catch the next plane to anywhere. Take those awesome clothes from Free People (seriously ladies, their clothes are divine) buy a brand new notebook and pen at the airport, grab my camera and leave everything behind. Live on a whim.


Some people might tell me I live of want to live in a fantasy world – to their eyes – I might do – but it’s not a fantasy to me. I just think that maybe something else is calling me. A place I need to find, people I have yet to meet that will feed my soul in a way that it has never been feed before. A place and people that will help me grow in a way I need too.

Winning lotto would be good, so I can make all of this happen. Why is it always money and reasonability that’s stops us from reaching out, and holding that dream?


I guess that’s what gloomy Monday morning do to ones brain


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