Music Monday: Carice van Houten


Hi My Loves,

If you have heard the name Carice van Houten you may have been watching her as Melisandre – one of my favourite characters in Games of Thrones. Not only is she an amazing actress but she can also sing. She sang four songs on the 2006 soundtrack for the film Black Book (in which she starred), and released the album See You on the Ice in 2012.


Her song You.Me.Bed.Now won me over in thirty seconds . This album is a highly crafted collection of wonderful songs with unique lyrics well worth listening. Its an Unusual album but that’s what makes it so interesting. The lyrics of her songs aren’t the songs that you would normally find on an album of actress turned musican. I mean personally I love those types of albums because talent comes in all forms and to discount one talent because they have made a living out of another is just crazy and limiting. This album is beautifully sung. Carice  has a jazz quality to her voice.  The songs are varied with enough key changes and hooks so you never get bored of listening to them


I could talk about this album until all you lovely people’s heads are in a spin but truthfully this is an album you need to experience. So I will give you my three favorites



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