Music Monday:Robert Plant & Alison Krauss ~ Raising Sand

plant_krauss06-x600Hi Beautiful Souls,

Strange things are happening everyday I hear the music up above my head.Though the sight of my heart has left me again. I hear music up above

It is probably the most difficult thing to write a Music Monday about an album that I absolutely adore because the thing is that I want you to love it just as much as I do. I have listened to Led Zeppelin since I was little, my Da is a huge fan. I have big memories of sitting in the back seat of the family car and Dazed and Confused would start to play and the radio would get turned up to eleven and me Da would sing his heart out. Which he still does to this day and I’ve been in love with Alison Kruass since I heard her and Union Station perform Goodbye Is All We Have, my love for the band only grew once I heard their song Restless. So needless to say once I heard that Alison team up with the legendary Robert Plant I felt like doing back flips.  I couldn’t find it in any store here in my hometown so I got on line and brought it off Amazon and waited impatiently by my mail box. It finally arrived.


Parts of this album are soft and sultry-and other parts are beautifully intertwined with both voice. Gone are the day when Robert Plant used to stand on stage wanting to be adored. It’s become all about the music and I fell a little in love Mr Plant through this album – and I am not totally sure why but then again you guys know I always fall in love with talent.

Once I stood beside a well of many words My house was full of rings and Charms and pretty birds.Please understand me, my walls come falling down

I like how these songs are “different” but are so catchy. I am always searching for a unique sound. It’s got a blues, bluegrass, country, and rock feel. There is some covers and some originals and it’s one of those albums that I fall in love with each time I hear it. It could sometime make me dance around my living room like a little hippy on an acid trip but that’s the power of music isn’t it.



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