Here We Go Again



Hello Sweeties,

So I have been like a Pinball Wizard for the past few weeks, well at least my brain has been. I have started two different stories this year. I spent most of the year on one (Black Coffee) and it was going fantastically until I’ve either written myself into a corner or I planned up until the point when I stopped and now I have nowhere to go. So I’ve stall.

I thought to help myself I would start another story that had been floating around in my head for a few years really. I wrote a brief guideline draft but I know I can make it way better than it is. So I thought – I’d get into a different headspace and rewrite that story. Three chapters and countless scenes (because apparently I am a freak that can’t write in sequence. Who drives her test reader crazy) later, I stalled with that and went back to Black Coffee – The drink and the novel – I was positive I had the idea to fix the problem – Three chapters into rewrites of part 3 – and I stalled yet again.

I started to get angry with myself  and with my muses and I didn’t write for three weeks – I mean not a word and it was kind of freeing but kind of terrifying at the same time. The thoughts of how I am going to get published if I can’t finish a manuscript?  Crept into my head. I had visions of myself dead at my desk at work. Computer still on, my lifeless body still seated at the desk as my corpse rotted. No manuscript, no writing career. Just a mindless, drone life. Nothing is more terrifying to me than that. So I got tough. Pulled out my only finished manuscript I have, which I wrote last year and I love the characters in it. Thankfully there isn’t much I want to change about this manuscript. Just detail it out a little bit. More character develop and what not. I was going to finish it. It was going to be prefect and I was going to send it to an agent and they were going to fall in love with it. End.Of.Story

large (1)

Finally everything was going to plan. It was flowing and the story was better than ever. Oh but, my loves by now you know me better than that. As the words started flowing out of my fingertips I heard a faint very high pitched “squeak squeak”  – oh yes people, that’s right – two new characters started to come through – I was determined to ignore them. NO! I would not start writing their story.

At this point I am wondering if I am an author or just schizophrenic – but no I was going to finish my rewrites and they could just come back in three months, when I was ready for them.


Oh, my beautiful souls – that didn’t happen. They gave themselves names and showed me how cute and endearing they can be – what could happen is their story – and who would play them in the movie version. They couldn’t be ignored any longer. So I started to do dot points – of names and fact – traits and scenes – dialog and passion. That’s right – they won.

So here I am in my study – writing sporadic scenes and sporadic dialog – I have a title – a quote that sums up the whole story – and the first two pages of a meet-cute.

That’s right we have the start the third novel of the year. God help me



2 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. Yeah, that’s how it is for me too. Lots of distractions and diversions (and therefore large numbers of incomplete stories languishing on my hard drive). Nothing wrong with that, they’ll all get finished eventually. In the meantime, we get lots of writing practice, right? Strike while the iron is hot, I say.

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