Cool Links For Cool People

Jean Harlow and Clark Gable in

Happy Friday My Loves!!

You made it to super fun happy time, otherwise know as Friday. This Friday I was thankful to have the day off. Got myself a haircut, new color and feeling like a new woman. Spending the night watch Sherlock because it sucked me in last night and I can’t help but want to watch more

A Beautiful Heartbreaking Song 

Thanksgiving Cocktails

5 Lessons Learned From Grace Coddingtons

5 Unexpected Things Women Find Sexy

Anniversary Ideas

7 Filthy Jokes You Didn’t Notice in Shakespeare

I Want This Dress – Going To Miss You Matt

Me Want Cookies

Love L


2 thoughts on “Cool Links For Cool People

  1. Here’s a link for you – it’s 6 minutes long, but if you have a minute check it out. I got choked up watching it. Happy Weekend!

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