Music Monday: Florence + The Machine


Hi My Loves,

Much like the way I fell in love with Lana. My love for this following artist is thanks to my friend, my gal Catherine. Of course I had heard and listened to Florence + The Machine . I remember Dog Days Are Over being my wake up call, on my walk to work and Cosmic Love being over played but it wasn’t until I saw the the concert that was held at Royal Albert Hall in April 2012 that I fell  in ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming  can’t-live-without love with Florence Welch and her band The Machine. It gave me chills. there was something about her voice and the symphony that buried itself into soul and worked it’s way into my heart. I rushed over to itunes and brought the deluxe versions of Lungs and Ceremonials


Florence + The Machine  has been known to start random dance parties throughout Sydney,one night in October this year both my Catherine’s (Catherine with a C and Katherine with a K) where all dancing in our house to Florence + The Machine, just like Cameron Diaz in The Holiday. Sending each-other youtube  video of Florence and dancing around whatever rooms we were in at the time, like little hippies on acid trips because that’s just what the music was doing to us. By the end of it all, we were saying that we wanted to be best friends with her and share a wardrobe because, have you seen Florence Welch’s wardrobe.

large (1)Ever since then Florence + The Machine   has been a weekly thing in my life. My ipod,me and Florence + The Machine. On the train, around the house or when I just need to chill out for a few minutes and float away somewhere else. Florence is my go to gal

Love L



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