Kinship To A Stranger



I don’t know if this is just me but I am going to throw that question out there anyhow. Do you ever feel a kinship to a complete stranger that you have never met and are likely never to meet?

There have a few people that I have felt this for. They have been a majority of the time actors/actresses that I have never actually met and will never met – two of them are now deceased but I feel a connection to them. Trust me, I know how this sounds – it’s sounds like I am a crazy, hiding behind the bushes in their front yard – but it truth all the same.  There is one actress that I adore – but I’ve watched lengthy interviews with this lady and I screw, I got smarter. She will explain things about character and the way she approaches the character and in my mind I’m all ‘yes!’ because I do that same. From the moment I saw one of her movies I’ve had a kinship and connection to this lady. It’s ridiculous but it is true

Annex - Gardner, Ava (Killers, The)_05C

Last year I saw I picture of Ava Gardner – of course I had heard of the name but never quite knew who she was until I saw this picture. It was a promo pic for her movie called The Killers – so I brought the movie (so I guess the whole ploy for promotional pics for movies works. Nice work there, marketing. Sixty seven years down the track. Those pics still work a treat. Bravo) – this basically spawned me into an Ava like vortex. There was something about those pictures and Ava herself, I just connected with.  I’ve recently just finished a book called Ava Gardner: Secret Conversations and there was such in that biography about Ava that I sat back and said – I do that. That’s me. The way she was, the temper she had (I’m seemingly getting a very similar temper in my old age) – it was all there. Weather it was the fact that I saw a lot of myself in Ava from the beginning or something else completely different  ( I’ll let the mental health professionals figure out that one)

Great idea for a book through isn’t it?

Love L


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