How Real Life and Writing Life Can Blend Together


Hi My Loves

While I was in Newtown with a bunch of friends on Friday night we were walking down the street and walked past a little Mexican restaurant ( I mean if I blinked I would have missed it) and I saw that there was a party going on inside. It looked like they were having a blast in there and it was actually really inviting and I wanted to gate crash and join the fun. The one thing that really struck me and still vivid in my mind even now as I write this to you, was a girl in a white veil but with Catrina makeup on. As it turns out we walked past this very restaurant during Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead – once I made that discovery – it all made sense – the day focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died. The girl in Catrina makeup is smiling and laughing and the restaurant brightly coloured fiesta flags hanging from the ceiling, drawers in the front window, purples, pinks, yellows and greens. Everything was happy. I didn’t think anything of it at the time – anything other then – ‘oh cool’ but here I am on Tuesday night, still thinking of the happy girl in the colourful restaurant and it dawns on me. I want one of my characters to see that. Sure it wouldn’t have anything to do with the story, wouldn’t move it along but it’s real. How often do you see something in your life and your life just goes on. Not everything in life has meaning, so why does it have to mean something to a character in a novel


While we were walking to the concert we had we walk up this street, it was dark and had no street lights, lined with old run down terrace houses and trees with huge roots that cracked the pavement, so it was dangerous to walk in the narrow footpath, so we walked on the narrow road. Of course cars would come out of nowhere. At the time it was a little unsettling and a little funny but all useable at a later date, for a story or a manuscript I haven’t even thought of yet


That’s the thing I find about doing what I do. Everything I see and everything I learn somehow works its way into my writing. I was listening to the Alison Kruass and Robert Plant album Rising Sands constantly, I mean for months and it wound its way into my unfinished manuscript but it can work the other way too. I was writing about lilac freesias yesterday and I went to the supermarket last night and there they were, a bunch of lilac freesias. So of course I had to buy them and now just like my main fictional gal Gin and I both have a bunch of lilac freesias on our dining tables.

I think the main thing is to keep your eyes open and see not only the world in front of you but the world of what could be, what can be. Always be open to what the world will show you and make the most of it

Love L



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