Music Monday: Arielle Paul


Hi My Loves

May I introduce you to a beautiful lady that goes by the name of Arielle Paul who is an American singer-songwriter ,musician, free spirit and yogi.


She has been in the music world her whole life but she is coming into her own light and she is going to take the world by storm. The way I met (via the wonderful web) I was on Instagram and I typed in ‘Pattie Boyd’ – because you guys know I love her – and there was this beautiful gal holding Pattie Boyd’s autobiography  and I flipped out because everyone I talk to about it has never heard of it, so I commented on her photo and looked at all her other pic and saw that she was a musician, so straight on to you tube I went

Arielle has been compared to that of Fiona Apple and John Brion and her influences  are  Beatles, Donovan, Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin , Francoise Hardy and Serge Gainsbourg and I’m telling you that you can hear it in her music and she is amazing. Her voice is soft and sweet, almost like a dream.

I guess you could put her music under the indie or folk file but for me Arielle is  and has pure soul and heart. Going for a visit again the net and I dare you not to falling in love with Arielle’s voice or her beautiful free spirit





Love L



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