Music Monday: The Civil Wars


Hi My Loves,

Joy Williams and John Paul White met in 2008, during a song-writing session or “writing camp” at a music studio and that is how The Civil Wars were born. They self-released  their  album Barton Hollow in 2011 and have now released their self titled album ‘The Civil Wars’ just a few months ago.

Joy and John Paul’s voices combined so beautifully. They both sing with such passion and purpose and I know people that are not a big fans of folk, Americana or country music but love this band and I think that is because of the truthfulness of their music. The sound is absolutely haunting and beautiful at the same time.


The first time I heard them was one their most popular song ‘Poison and Wine’ and it breaks my heart every time  I hear it. You know how in the music industry songs about relationships ending or trouble in a relationship it’s kind of always ‘it’s your fault you a**/cow. It’s all on you’ . I mean some artists have made a career out of the “na-nana-na-na’  song but ‘Poison and Wine’  is one of the only songs I’ve heard that is about the mixed emotion feeling of  I hate you but I love you. It’s one of the most played songs on my ipod

Your hands can heal, your hands can bruise. I don’t have a choice, but I’d still choose you
Oh I don’t love you, but I always will…

You can forgive people for thinking that Joy and John Paul are a couple. They sing so convincingly but in actual fact they are happily married to other people and live hours away from each other but the music makes you believe that there may have or is something going on. It’s just that good.

I hopped on to itunes and brought their new album and for some reason this is my morning album. When my eye balls are burning from not enough sleep and I’m locking my front door to catch the bus at ten to six The Civil Wars and gently push into my work day, kind of like a spell that picks me up and carries my to work.

There are amazing songs on this album, some covers and the original magic  but you know when you’re listening to an album and you find one song that either is  so much like you you could have written it yourself or when you listen to it and your first thought is ‘This is my jam’. I have somewhat of a rep for falling for the bad boy and Devil’s Backbone is my jam.

Oh Lord, Oh Lord, what do I do? I’ve fallen for someone who’s nothing like you .He’s raised on the edge of the devil’s backbone. Oh I just wanna take him home…..

Sadly The Civil Wars are not talking due to “internal discord and irreconcilable differences of ambition.” My hope is that their writing about it and using all the emotion for the next album and I can live in hope.

Love L



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