Music Monday: Jeff Buckley


Hi My Loves,

My love for Jeff Buckley has grown rapidly over the past year. Of course I’d heard Jeff’s cover of the Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’, who hasn’t. The sheer fact that Buckley’s version of the song can have me in a puddle of tears, should have been enough for me to look into his other songs but sadly I didn’t until one faithful day on you tube I found another of his songs called ‘Lover, You Should’ve Come Over’ – I got swept away by his voice and the lyrics and I’m not ashamed to say my heart beat a little faster once I heard the lyric ‘my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder’

Truth be told I wouldn’t have been appreciative of Jeff Buckley when he was alive. I was really young when ‘Grace’ was released and I was thirteen when he dead. My idea of what music should be was completely different to what it is today. Maybe it’s maturity or the fact that I’m coming up for the same age that he was when he died. The one thing I know for sure is that I was very appreciative of him as a person, as an artist and him as a musician.


Every Jeff Buckley fan will have a different story about how they discovered him, fall in love with his music, his soul, his talent. He is a man that can get under my skin and into my heart. Talented and passionate. Gifted and gorgeous. Deep and dignified.

Jeff’s voice and lyrics, the truth that he sings are hypnotic and poignant. The fact that he has a haunting voice that has this ability to transport you into his world amazes me every time I listen to ‘Grace’ He has a touch melancholy to him, to his voice. I’m not going to tell you all about his passing or the potential he had. We all know that story and those of us that don’t know can easily find out. I knew he had pass away before his time but it didn’t find out the full story until he was mentioned in a movie called Elizabethtown

Last Goodbye, Lilac Wine, Lover Should Have Come Over or any other song he sang, helped create. I won’t write you a step by step guide. Once thing I have learnt about Mr Buckley is that his is a very personal journey and the musician and for the people who are fortunate enough to listen

Do yourself a favour. Lock yourself away in a room, away from the world, with some time up your sleeve and just be. Discover this soulful man for yourself and write your own Jeff Buckley story.

Love L



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