Mr Grey and Lady Loves



Hi My Loves,

I have often said that women need their friends like men need sex and beer. In my life I know this to be true.

I have been very fortune to keep the same group of friends since the age of thirteen but I also went to an all-girls school and I think because of that, I still have a lot of friends from my grade. Thanks to social media I still get to talk to these wonderful women every day and trust me I do talk to some of them every single day.

Last night was a perfect example. I’ve known my friend Kim ever since the seventh grade and she had the misfortunate of being in the same math class as me. The poor thing, because math has never been one of my strong points. In fact my other friend Kym (yes the two Kim/Kym’s used to sit next to each other) well Kym with a Y and I used to listen to The Beatles on her Discman, with the earphones stuck up the sleeve of our teal school jumpers/sweaters. I am sure that Kim with an I – thought we were crazy, but in a good way



Anyway last night was a classic example of female friendship. A conversation on that started off as who would be a prefect Mr Grey for the film version of Fifty Shades of Grey – now that Mr Hunnam has bowed out. The thing is, none of us can agree. Kim’s conclusion was that from all the actors the media and us gals have chosen from Ian Somerhalder to Matt Bomer and Chris Hemsworth – all the actors are too classy and since she said it – I totally agree – let’s face it. Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t the classiest piece of literature ever written.

An hour later I was at a movie theatre, probably the last movie theatre to show The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. (Since I finished the book the day before) So as one does in today, I checked in on Facebook and added Lena Headey is a babe, because people let’s face it – she’s a goddess.

I walk out of the movie theatre at some ungodly hour – and check my phone My friend Megan writing to me say – How awesome is it!!!! and Kim has written back to me – Lena Headey is my absolute lady love.  I have to agree – she is on the fast track to becoming mine.

I mean don’t get us wrong – Kim is married with a beautiful little girl and I have a celebrity freebie list a mile long jam-packed with good looking men but it’s nice to know after so many years, we can still agree on things – even if it is our choice of lady loves.

You just have to take the joys of the simple things in life.

Love L

PS: The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Is really good. Dare I say better than the book? Of course – just my opinion


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