Spotlight On: Easy Virtue

Hello My Loves,

I hope everything in your world is fine, dandy and there is a smile on your face. I thought I would do a spot light on a movie a brought on the weekend called Easy Virtue

A young Englishman marries a glamorous American. When he brings her home to meet the parents, she arrives like a blast from the future – blowing their entrenched British stuffiness out the window. You just sit back and watch this war fold out in front of you between the young and brand new Mrs. Whittaker played by Jessica Biel and her mother in law played by Kristin Scott Thomas. I read a review of this movie that said: Brilliant, sparkling, joyful and sad, passionate and exciting, sweet and sour, elegant, refined and superbly ungraceful at the same time and I would have to agree
I was a little hesitant about the movie myself but I found the movie amazing. It was funny and witty in all the right places. It was set in the 1920’s and it gave me a glimpse into an era . The clothing, the set and the locations were amazing. I found myself wanting to throw a roaring 20’s party just so I could dress up and look like Jessica Biel for a night. I know ridiculous but I am a twenty five year old woman and I still like playing dress up lol

This movie had great one liners from the whole cast and some great gotcha moments with the witty banter like

Mrs. Whittaker: Like the siren leading the sailors to their deaths
Larita Whittaker: Well at least I’m not Medusa turning them to stone

It’s hard not to love this movie

P.s. Jessica Biel looked fantastic as a blonde. Who saw that coming 🙂 Wish I had looked that good as a blonde

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