Memories Are Golden



Hi My Loves,

I once have a friend Clare (Clare Bear) when I was really little. It was maybe my first few years of school. We were super close. She was my first best friend ever and I can’t even remember why we weren’t  friends anymore or what happened but what I do remember was her Mam loved the band Roxette. I have fantastic memories of being in the back seat of her Mam’s car listening and singing . Til this day when I hear Roxette on the radio (like I did today at work) all I can think of is Clare Bear and her Mam and all the fun we all used to have. Running around their backyard, playing in their pink cubby house and watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time in the white tiled living room (with a big panther statue, maybe there was even two). There were sleep overs with sleeping bags and rides to MacDonald’s to buy TEN happy meals (for ten girls) for dinner. My point is.

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The funny and strange thing is that in high school a new girl arrived at our school and was put in my homeroom class. Her name was Nessa and we clicked straight away. It was a bonus that we were both in the same drama class and preformed Twelve Angry Men together (we went to an all-girls catholic school and yes that’s the play we did)  Once again I’ve good fantastic memories of our friendship and our homeroom class. There was one morning when Nessa did my hair just like Angelina Jolie’s in Gone In 60 Seconds (which had just come out) and for that whole day I felt awesome because I had this great hair was styled by my friend Nessa. Thankfully Nessa and I are still in contact via social media and  we work in the same Industry, which wasn’t show business – like we both first thought it would be. All those hours in rehearsal and drama class added up to big laughs instead of big pay checks. Here’s the strange thing that I first started to tell you about before I started to yammer – Nessa was/is friends with Clare Bear. Talk about a small world.

{All Photographs Found On WeHeartIt}
{All Photographs Found On WeHeartIt}

So if someone walks away or doesn’t support you, let them go so the next great person can walk into your life. Someone that is actually worthy to be in your life.There is a reason they call them treasured memories – your friendship might change but your memories are always be golden. So let in be Roxette on the radio on your favorite channel playing Gone In 60 Seconds. Your childhood and  the memories

Love L



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