Unfinished Work and Drafts


Hi My Loves

I an currently battling writers block on my current WIP  so to distract myself I am slow tidying up my study so when I pack everything up to move into my new place years ago and found some old notes that I had written in one of first stories. It was a blast from the past and interesting reading.It’s funny to see how much my writing has changed and yet still the same.

I read a quote once about writing that said

“With each character you‘re revealing different facets of yourself and I think all of us have a capacity to inhabit every extremity of the human condition”

I have this thing for writing characters with issues – according to the above quote – that reveals a lot about me. As a reader I hate reading about characters that are too good to be true. If their too sweet or everybody likes them. It’s not real to me. You can be the nicest person alive and still have issues, problems and faults. You can be the nicest person to ever have walked the earth and still have the ability to drive someone up the wall because that is real life.

“I love researching. When I get a role that’s one of the very first things I do. I just want to fill myself up with knowledge of what the character might have come from. Not just even reading about the history of the time, which of course I do, but I also love learning about the music of the time, listening to that; thinking of the food of the time; what someone would have done for fun” ~ Jessica Chastain 

Reading through an old draft (finished draft I might add, they are very rare in my life) I’ve realized that it is the research, getting into someone else head. Being them while I write a few pages. That’s what I love, getting to know these people and making them as real on paper as they are in my head. Hopefully I am doing a good job.

love L



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