Music Monday: Lana del Rey


“Elvis is my daddy, Marilyn’s my mother, Jesus is my bestest friend.”

I know that Lana del Rey has been around for a few years now but it has only been the past few months that I have gotten into her music and developed a major gal crush on her. My friend Cath G has always been a fan and I should have taken noticed of Lana for that fact alone. You see Cath and I have always been in sympatico. Even when we were in high school sitting in the school library, when we were suppose be studying for our final exams, what we were actually doing was talking about the boys and celebs we had crushes on – we shared every crush. Strangely enough, both our taste in men have changed over the past ten years, oddly enough we still share the same crushes. But I am digressing…….. The fact that Cath loved Lana and her music, I should have just jumped on the bandwagon instantly.


In wasn’t until my friend Dee told me I’d love Lana’s music did I download both her albums and even then they sat on my ipod for weeks before I actually pressed play and wasn’t my life changed forever. I am quite happy to admit I was wrong in my first impression of her. She was trying to be different, not in a Gaga but different none the less. Plus she was beautiful and hot so given the modern music industry I thought, why bother. Silly me.  As it turns out with Lana it isn’t about the look but the song writing – and you all know I go bonkers for song writers – yes she writers her own songs

Likes to watch me in the glass room, bathroom, Chateau Marmont. Slippin’ on my red dress, puttin’ on my make-up. Glass room, perfume, cognac, lilac fumes, says it feels like heaven to him  


Her songs tend to have a strong orchestra presence and her voice has a dream like quality to it. If she was to record an album of lullabies for baby, yes I would buy that, even though I don’t have a baby. She is the Hollywood, young starlet of the forties and fifties both beautiful and tragically sad all at the same time. The sadness comes from the haunting and sometimes melancholic vocals. As if she was been there and experienced thing that none of us would ever like to experience. That said Lana also has an ability to be cheeky and fun.

In the land of Gods and Monsters. I was an Angel. Looking to get f**ked hard. Like a groupie incognito posing as a real singer. Life imitates art


True Story: I was  at work one day in the kitchen making myself a tea, to wake myself up. Alone and in a good mood, I started to sing the song that had been stuck in my head all day – Lana’s song ‘Gods and Monsters’ just as I  got to that verse (if you know the song, you know that verse I am talking about) and of course someone walks into the kitchen. Talk about embarrassing

Love L



3 thoughts on “Music Monday: Lana del Rey

  1. Two things: 1) I’m not a shoe person, but I love those platform pumps in the top photo. 2) I got busted at work on Friday singing the new Katie Perry song “Roar.” Colleague walked in on me and we had a good laugh.

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