Cool Links For Cool People


Friday,Friday, Friday!! – Do you ever wonder if Monday in the Jan Brady of the week and Friday is the teen model that dates Davey Jones.

Here is some links for you super cool people

My skills with the male sex – No joke – I am just this smooth

For Y’all with a sweet tooth

When I find someone who likes Game Of Thrones – I’m all

Decorating idea I want to do in my backyard and rest of the house

14 kinds of Facebook people you want to block, but you can’t because they’re sort of your friends

Love L



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gwen Stephens says:

    I love getting my weekly dose of cool links. The NYC lost in translation was the best!
    Here’s one for you – one of my favorite TV commercials right now here in the USA! Hopefully the humor won’t be lost in translation!

    Great weekend! xo

    1. OMG Love It!!! Thanks for sharing. Have a fantastic weekend xo

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