Be An Open Book


My friend Gwen wrote this week

It’s also about the joy of creative expression and learning something every day. It’s about the moment I visualize a new story idea. It’s about the dark, bleary-eyed mornings I spend with my Mac, a steaming cup of coffee, and my imaginary friends.

Isn’t that a job of a writer? We do sit alone in our office, study, living room and dream up worlds and people that are as real to us as every other person in our lives, crazy maybe but its true. I am in effect still a child in the backyard playing with my imaginary friends.

Told to someone the other day about my story and how Part Two was coming to an end and I was sad because I would have to say goodbye to a lot of characters because they will be gone and they said to me – but you’re not really because they’re not real – when for me it is completely true. You fall in love with them or at least I do and whether that be right or wrong it’s true.

I know this is going to sound a bit wanky and pompous but if you’re a creative spirit you see the world differently. When I watch a tv show, it’s always a learn in writing because you’re learning how to manipulate story-line through other peoples work. That’s not to say you steal that person idea or story line but writing is a job that is all about observing and learning.


One of my favorite shows (you know that show your life stops for, just me? Okay) the best thing about this show is no character is safe. Main characters that you love to pieces get kicked off, heartbreaking – yes but I learning experience all the same. If everyone is on the line, there is an heighten tension and attention throughout the whole story.

Every writer can learn if their willing to open the door, open their eyes and pay attention. Listen to what your imaginary friends are telling you. Listen to what your muses are telling you, be an open book.

Love L


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