Body Image

Newsflash: I love Kate Moss

And I love her style and the confidence she has in her style. Kate Moss wears what she likes. She is a trendsetter more than a trend follower. She has an original style that is eclectic and I always get the sixties/seventies vibe from her fashion.
Body wise I am the same as her. I am a size zero and as much as some people would love to be size 0 (or 6/8 over here in oz) I had always felt awkward being as tiny as I am. Over the past year I have being getting more comfortable in the body I have. Once upon a time I would have loved to have a bodacious rack but I’ve accepted the fact that I am apart of the itty bitty titty committee ( as my friend Bell calls it) Thanks to Kate Moss and Kate Hudson, come to think of it Kate Bosworth my thoughts on the subject have been turned around. All beautiful women that are confident in the bodies that they have been given. Why shouldn’t I be the same way?

Sure there are days when I don’t feel like I’m enough or what if I could change blah blah but I guess those are the days that you have to work at it and fake it until you make it.

So my little rays of sunshine, I want to tell you what I am just learning now. You are prefect just the way you are and anyone who tells you different, can take it up with me.
Love L

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