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Hello Lovelies,

It has been a different few weeks for me. First of all I wrote an article for a wedding magazine for my sister. Very different type of writing but I enjoyed it. Especially since it was all about music and I am kinda music obsessed. Somehow writing the article cured my writers block or rather the problems I was having with my characters, so I’ve written three chapters in a week. Which I’m pretty proud of since I normally write one chapter a week but a funny thing happened

I have two test readers (one of which corrects all my mistakes, woohoo) and were talking about who we would cast as each chapter. So for funny we all made cast lists and strange enough they are all different. So this leaves me with a question. Do I go back to the beginning and make the descriptions clearer to my vision or leave it to the reader’s imagination. I know when I am reading a novel I picture different people as the characters as someone else who maybe reading the same book. I think it is just something that is different for everybody

In the grand scheme of the story how important is the physical description of your character? IF the story flows and is engaging does it really matter if the reader’s choice is different than the authors? I mean that is if your character isn’t faceless

Love L



2 thoughts on “Reader vs Author

  1. I think your question is a detail that can be answered later. For now, focus on getting the story down on paper. In subsequent drafts, you can look at what needs to be fixed, changed, added, deleted, etc., after you’ve had a few pairs of eyes read it. I’ve always felt description should only be included if it contributes to or advances the plot in some way. Otherwise, it’s just fluff.

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