Character Problems


Hello My Loves,

I’ve ran into problems with my writing. I’ve lost a connection with the people  I am writing about. If I lose connection with them, the thread with them, that makes me understand them, how can I expect the reader to connect with them. It drives one to drink – I tell you


I was watching an interview with one of my favorite actresses Tuesday morning. It was half an hour long but it opened my eyes and my brain to things, I learnt things by looking at characters in the same way as an actor would. This actress was explaining that whenever she signs onto a project she always writes down all these questions and answers them as her character. Not that it is ever used in the movie, or very rarely used in the movie but it is a tool she using to get to know the character. I remembered I use to do the same thing but it was little facts about my characters. I remember I had just discovered Natalie Wood. She had an accident on a film set at the age of nice and as a result had a permanently weakened and a slight bone protrusion in her left wrist. So for the rest of her career, in movies and out in public she always wore a large bracelet on her left wrist. Not that I wanted my character ( that I was writing at the time, that is now sitting in a draw, in my study) to have a bone protrusion but I did have her wear a bracket on her left arm. Not important to the story but it’s  important for me to know about them.


My greatest fear is to write characters that are two dimensional – I want to create people you want to hang out with, characters with personality and  behavior pattern, and reasons why they are the way they are. I know a first draft is a blue print – a guide line to what is to come – a map and then you better it, but if I don’t like what I am writing, who’s going to want to keep reading it


Love L


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