When Stories Come Alive

tumblr_mph53g8oHk1s8a0lao1_500Hi My Loves,

So you know when you’re reading a really good book and it like you step into the world and you’re a bystander watching everything unfold. Have you ever had it happen to you in real life?

Started to read Tom Rob Smith’s Child 44 a fortnight ago and I have to say it’s a fantastic. Okay I confess yes I brought the book because they are making a movie, yes unoriginal but true. Anyway no matter the reason I brought the book, it is the best novel I have read this year.



So the novel is based in Moscow and given the fact that it’s winter in Sydney right now and I catch the train at six o’clock and for some reason my line ( on the train system) very rarely gets trains that have heat, working or otherwise  so when I’m reading in the morning it’s not that difficult to get in the head space. Then in the afternoon on Friday when I was on the train again going home and reading my book a guy in a grey ushanka ( fur hat)  and wearing Soviet Russian Military Jacket  walked through the carriage, the only difference was the guy wearing it was in fact not Russian but Filipino. Okay so yeah those hats are the in thing in fashion right now but then on the same trip someone was drinking vodka and that was all I could smell. I couldn’t help but stop and think if my mind was playing tricks on me or that it actually had happened and just file this event in the strange public transport stories folder in my mind and move on.

Maybe the story is just that good and it’s making things that are related stuck out in my mind. Either way It’s a bloody great story that is keeping me on my toes and I can’t wait for the movie. Fantastic work, Mr Smith.

Love L





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