Hello YSL Manifesto – I Love You

{Jessica Chastain's FB page}
{Jessica Chastain’s FB page}

I have  a mild perfume addiction. Like I used to have ten bottles scattered around my chested drawers. The things is I never want to smell like someone else. I like scent should be a signature. I use to love Thierry Mugler’s Angel   but then I realized that almost everyone in my school wore the something so I moved on to JLo Live before moving on to the Britney’s and the Mariah’s before settling on Kate and Vintage by Kate Moss. It’s been years since I’ve brought a new perfume.

Being a fan of Jessica Chastain ( her work and her sweet personality) The fact that she was the face of YSL new fragrance grabbed my attention to begin with but a filed the interest in the file cabinets in my brain and moved on.



That was until I was staying in the Sofitel in Melbourne and walked past a chemist in the Collins Street shopping complex I saw it in the window and I remembered ‘Ohhhh yeah, that’s right’. Next day we we off to Chadstone (Burburry, Ted Baker and Tiffany’s, Oh My) I walked into the nearest David Jones and it wasn’t love at first spritz – starts out strong but mellows out quickly, then I knew I had to have this perfume in my collection. Once I was back at my hotel I went straight to the chemist and brought a bottle. (Hey lady at the chemist. I’ve got your perfume, u have my money. Why so snooty?)

This scent is nice, ladlylike. Overall, a beautiful, sweet and comforting fragrance. I highly recommend to sweet and warm vanilla fans.





Love L


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