‘Dance Your Pain Away’



Once upon a time in a small shipping town in England there was a little boy called Lee. On one fateful day Lee turned up his radio and heard the sounds of a band called ABBA and his life was changed forever. As the years danced along in his life there wasn’t a day that this music didn’t fill his heart with such joy and  his feet with rhythm that he couldn’t dance any pain that he may encounter, away.

One day Lee The Gallant found fate knocking on his door when Queen Agentha the beautiful of Sweden – who had decided that her years of being an Angelic songstress, were not behind her. Queen Agentha the beautiful went on a search to find 10  of her most faithful and loving subjects to  appear in the official music video for her new single ‘Dance Your Pain Away’

Upon hearing the news Lee The Gallant Enlisted the help of  the  fair maiden Karen and after many attempts and a lot of  joyful laughter worked out a dance routine that they hoped that Queen Agentha the Beautiful of Sweden would be pleased with.

Lee The Gallant and The  Fair Maiden Karen need your help.So if you can spare a couple of secs please head over to:


Please select their video. Every vote counts so please feel free to mention to friends and family too! It would be a dream come true  for Lee to appear in his idol’s new video!

Love L



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