Tis The Season For Ugg Boots

Hi all you lovely people,

A great big good morning from the other side of the world where it is very cold – Hench the reason for this blog.

As I was getting dressed this morning I actually considered for about five seconds of wearing by ugg boots into work (much like some people wear flip flops or as we call them in Australia thongs) from the station and then switch into killer heels once their in the office. So I know in America and other places uggs boots are very popular with college students and are worn with outfit like this:


Personally I have never worn my uggs boots with an outfit like that – I never really wear my hot pink ugg boots outside the house other then in my back yard ( maybe a quick race down to the super market which is around the corner from my house) – I can’t think of any Aussie that does or any Aussie that wears their ugg boots in the summer time, they are strictly a winter thing for us and bottom line is they was very warm.

My Ugg boots look like this:
ugg boots classic tall 5815 Monascus Red
They are normally worn with jeans or in the morning yoga pants and a hoodie. Yes not the most attractive outfit in the world but once again very warm and in the morning when it’s five degrees and you’re still half asleep, you want warmth.So what’s your favorite fashion No-No?

Love L

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