Music Monday: Mr Jack Savoretti


Hi My Loves,

So my Tuesday  night was spent on you tube showing my parents what music they should put on their ipod ( yes, my parents are that cool) from Five Finger Death Punch to the cast of SMASH but the big winner of the night was a gentleman called Jack Savoretti.

I first heard Jack when they used his music in one of my favourite shows when they played the song off his album Between The Minds called Soldiers Eyes.  I fell instantly for the beautiful guitar sound and I hadn’t even heard the lyrics yet. Once I did, I was a goner. I was straight on to itunes and downloaded the album and I have never looked back.

While touching her face looking for a love. He began to kiss her eyes but at the taste of a tear drop he heard the lady say goodbye 

I think the thing I love most about Jack’s music is the fact that he does tell a story within the song and each song is a new story. Each song has layers  and each time I listen, I find something new, I’m am constantly discovering something that I didn’t know was there, so it is constantly a journey.

So hear me, if you’re out there. Take these words and try to understand. That I want you, and I need you, to take the hand of a quiet man of a quiet man

Music today seems to be all but the showiness, the big hair and strange outfit and less to do with the music. We have gone a long way from the music of Laurel Canyon in the nineteen sixties where singer song writers ruled the airways but men like Jack  give me hope in music again. His music it’s intrusive – It’s actually prefect for me to listen to when I write – but although it isn’t intrusive, somehow you can’t help but sit up and play attention to it.

He’s been compared to Ray LaMontagne, Bob Dylan, and Nick Drake. He’s toured with Corinne Bailey Rae and one of my favourite’s Gavin DeGraw and will perform at the Cornbury, Splendour and Glastonbury Festivals this year.  London’s Daily Telegraph describes his guitar playing as having a ‘primal magic about it,’ clearly Mr Savoretti for you to keep an eye on.

Love L


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