A Book Series You Need To Read


Hi My Loves,

I’m going to pull it up and talk about something good and fun. Something that has rocked my world a few years ago and I want to share it with you and hopefully you’ll love it just has much as I do. Let me first start by saying that I’m not people of these Vampire loving people and a year or so ago I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a horror or Si-fi section of a book store. That all change when just like everybody else on the planet I read Twilight and it opened up this whole other world to me and my imagination. Let me just say that I think the books are way better then the movie and I think they made the wrong choice for the two lead actors ( that’s just imo but Rpatz wasn’t who I saw as Edward) After reading Stephanie Myers book ( including The Host which is amazing) I was craving something to replace Twilight and I found it in the Vampire Academy series.


There is a fantastic author by the name of Richelle Mead she is Seattle based and imo the best urban fantasy and paranormal romance writers out there. I am trying to think of the words to justify how good these novels are. The characters and the relationships between them are just more believable. All of the characters have personalities and have different strengths and weaknesses from each other. The story also has a better plot, and really, you can’t go wrong with a hot Russian. Lol. The main female character is so sassy and kick arse and yet just so lovable at the same time. I like the graphic wording to make it seem real. Blood Promise ended on such a cliff-hanger that I just wanted to rush out and by the fifth novel but the lovely Richelle. Spirit Bound came out May 18th 2010 I was busting at the seams to read it. She finished it with Spirit Bound. Rose and Dirtmi’s journey ended ….. but Sydney and Adrian’s (two beloved characters from the VA series) journey started with the Bloodlines series – which I am currently reading. Richelle has hit it out of the park again.

We Heart It
We Heart It

They have just started to filming the movie, this week in London and I can’t wait to see what they do with it. If this book is up you alley please, please please give it a try, borrow or buy the First novel Vampire Academy and see what you think.

Love L



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