Writing In Gif (Jif) form

Hi My loves,

Authors,writers, creative minds. One of our faults are we live in our heads a lot, which is fine but that just means that you have to be mentally tough. I know right now in this world fitness, personal trainers,healthy living and body/physical strength  is a hot topic but I believe it is the mental toughness that is better, because to have the physical you must have the mental strength.

For me ( and this is just me) writing is like this.

I wait for inspiration to hit me

tumblr_mnouezGfK41stzy50o1_500And then it’s all:



and it’s flowing and it makes sense. So I send it out to my test readers and they like it and want more. I feel great and want to write more. Self coincidence is at an all time high. I’m all

tumblr_inline_mmcxrdetO91qz4rgpAnd then I write the last page and I’m all

tumblr_mll2wbPQTT1snckw0o1_400But then I know I have to edit and I hate editing. I mean I hate it, because I am too hard on myself and I want everything to be prefect – and why can’t it be prefect the first time I write it.  Soooo I put it off

tumblr_inline_mkpqj8R0nf1qz4rgpBut knowing I have to do it. I sit down and finally re-read everything that I wrote but when I find my first mistake or what I read doesn’t make sense to me, I’m all



So I keep correcting and the pages get filled with more red marks. Which in my head says *Fail**Fail**Fail**Fail**Fail**Fail**Fail**Fail**Fail**Fail**Fail**Fail**Fail*

Which at some point I get up from the table and feel all:



but eventually I get another idea and I am all:



And it starts all over again

Love L


(ps, No GIFs belong to me. I am not the talented)



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