Gangsters, Dames and Why I Need To See A Psychologist


Hi My Loves,

It’s strange when you watch a movie like Gangster Squad and you truly believe that if you lived in that era, you would have been same gangsters dame somewhere along the line. The truly scary thing is that somewhere in my head, I kind of romanticize it. Seeing myself as Ava Gardener, Gene Tierney and a Lana Turner type, looking impeccable, stylish and feminine, on the arm of an older  man with power. What is it about the image that is so appealing?


What is it about the Floyd Banner’s , Al Calpone’s, Mickey Cohen’s and Michael Corlone’s of this world that attracted women like moths to a flame. Is it power, wealth or that thing that is just build into woman such as myself to fall for the bad boy every time. Even though there is a strong possibility that you’ll get hurt one way or another. Please someone tell me because I am SO going to book myself into see a psychologist  to talk about my issues. The morning after I watched the movie  I was having a conversation with one of my oldest friends Mel about this very same subject. The beautiful Mel told me that she felt the same way about bad boys and gangsters and didn’t see anything wrong with dating older men and gangsters, that it was in fact – perfectly normal. At least I’m not alone or maybe we have just been friends for too long.

Emma Stone and Sean Penn on the set of "Gangster Squad" in Downtown LA

But then coming home from work on Wednesday, getting off the train – Three men ( and I use the term very loosely) were walking in front of me. They were dropping their rubbish as they walked along the platform and then began spitting – yes- I said spitting. One of them did it three or four times in less than half a kilometer. It become blindly clear – in the nineteen forties (and in eras before and after)  men, gangster or not – would have never spat in front of  a lady. It just wouldn’t have been thought of, let alone done. So maybe just maybe that the old fashion gentleman with a bit of an edge that is what I am after. If they even exist that is.


Maybe we just all romanticize about what we want, maybe I truly do need to see a psychologist  or maybe I am just in the wrong era but that’s okay because Mel and I came up with a solution for that…………. Hot Tub Time Machine

Love L


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