Music Monday: Ms Dana Fuchs


Hi My Loves,

Dana’s voice is just so soulful and raw. She began singing in the First Baptist Gospel Choir at age 12. Was a front woman by 16 and arrived alone and broke in NYC at age 19. She has been called the love child of Robert Plant and Janis Joplin .Joplin comparison was inevitable and she does have similar hair to Mr Plant but Dana is a talent all of her own and a force of bluesy nature.


My first introduction to her was her portrayal of  Sadie  in “Across the Universe,”. When I heard her song “Why Don’t We Do In The Road?” with a back bending kick arse screech I sat there in the theatre thinking – who is this woman and please tell me she has albums, lots of albums. The next day I ran out to the record store and  brought the soundtrack (yes, this was a time when people actually still brought those little shiny things called discs) Let me tell you, I played that album unstop.

It was only a few months ago when I’ve been getting into the ladies of jazz and blues music for my current WIP that I downloaded all Dana Fuchs albums and I fell in musical love. Love to Beg and NYC Live are amazing

“All Dana Fuchs has to do is sing. All it takes is one note from those celebrated lips and clocks stop, crowds snap to attention, hearts beat like bass drums and neck-hair tingles. It’s often been said that the Florida-born front-woman could sing the phone directory and still hold her listeners spellbound. True enough, but in 2013, when Dana applies that extraordinary voice to the classic songs from third album Bliss Avenue, you’ll realize that you’re in the presence of once-a-generation greatness.” ~ Henry Yates from Classic Rock Magazine

Her new album “Bliss Avenue” will be released worldwide this July on Ruf Records and I am counting down the days

Check out Dana and her bluesy gospel goodness and tell me what you think

Love L



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