Meet the Blogger




Hi My Loves,


I thought today that we would get to know each other a little better. So here we go

Meet the Blogger :

Name:Libby  (Layla or Liv. Hench the reason I always sign everything Love L )
Height: 5’4”
Eye Color: A dark brown that’s a little red in the right light 
Birthday: July 16th
Favourite colour: Grey
Best school subject(s): Religion (go figure lol) & I love english
Mac or PC: PC
Current shirt colour: Black
Day or night: Both…but if I had to choose, probably night
Celebrity crush: Too many to list. I kind of have Celebrity Crush ADHD – but there are currently three I refer to as my husband.

Favourite Tv Show: Sons Of Anarchy ( otherwise known as ‘The only show that makes me talk to my television)

What are you reading right now: Prince of Thieves by Chuck Hogan 

Why writing: Wish I knew. Just something that I have to do and if I don’t I get a little edgy because my creativity and stories in my head eat my alive

Who Are The People Currently Running Around In You Head: Gin, Noah and Will

Where are they right now: In my dream house in Bondi, next to the Beach

What’s in store for them: Love, Airplanes and Years Apart

Love L



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