Music Monday: Sentimental Journey


Hi My Loves,

You properly heard of Emmy Rossum  and seen her as an actress in Mystic River and the television show  Shameless  but what you might not know is that she can sing like no one elses business. I brought her second album  Sentimental Journey stellar voice to songs popularized by some of the most beloved artists of the last century — from Bessie Smith to Frank Sinatra, from Judy Garland to Connie Francis, from Eddie Cantor to Edith Piaf. The songs date from the 1920s through mid-1960s and I have to admit I have to admit that I only recognized a couple of the songs.


I have fallen in love with this album it’s going to be one of my faves  of 2013. I listened to it late one night when  I was trying to write and I could just  put it on in the background and not get distracted. You kind of go on a journey back in time when you listen to this album, you kind of drift away.


Rather than traditional music videos, “vignettes” were filmed and released to promote the album and feature Emmy dressed for the part with the clothing and setting with songs from the album playing in the background. It is truly beautiful and I hope the music industry takes note of this album and recover the beauty of this type of music, the simple class and beauty before outrageously colored hair and diva like faux persona took over.


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