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I was reading some of my old stuff I wrote a few years back about four girls living in Melbourne – GOD it’s hysterically bad, to the point it’s funny. Ba-ha!!! – it was basically a cheap version on sex and the city but in a different city and without the sex.

Ashley walked down Lygon Street. She had just gotten off a plane. Unfortunately she hadn’t been on holiday, she had been working. She was an air hostess for one of Australia’s biggest airlines. Sadly when she went on holidays she stayed at home. Although tired she couldn’t wait to see her three best friends. Ironically Ashley, Catlin, Natasha and Hope could have been sisters.

I found a writing tip the other day that read 

 ‘Everything mentioned in your book must have a reason for being there. If it doesn’t advance the story line, it shouldn’t be in your book.’ 

I know when I first started to write I would concentrate on the minuscule details and thought what they were wearing was important but in reality I think I just used to add those things in, so the writing would keep flowing. So if Ashley is wearing silk jersey white mini dress and suede violet, platform pumps, it was important and yes it is – you want to make sure an image is clear in the readers mind – but not in every scene, like I was.

The act of repeating behavior makes you more experienced. You keep doing the same thing  you can see improvement as you go along. So that’s why you must keep going. You must keep improving. Even if (like me) you think what you have written isn’t up to scratch

Stephen King once wrote:

A complicated piece can easily be simplified by breaking up paragraphs and expanding white space. Readers who are easily intimidated by large amounts of texts relax when paragraphs appear short and mild.

At the moment I’m worried that the chapter I wrote this week, there is too much talking. There is too much white space but I guess that’s why they call them first drafts – they can always be altered

Convince yourself that you are working in claynot marble, on paper not eternal bronzeLet that first sentence be as stupid as it wishes.” —Jacques Barzun .

This is something that I have to tell myself everyday I write because no one is prefect – even though I really want my writing to be

Love L



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