Music + Writing


Good Morning,

One day earlier this year when I was on holidays and working on a previous WIP that was going nowhere and frustrating to no end. So much so that I was doubting my ability to even write and thinking of packing it in, forever. I had worked from eleven that morning and gotten to eight that night and only written a paragraph. My brain was so tired that it felt like it was flat and siding down my spine, I needed a hug and there was no one in the house to get me one. So I jumped on FB and did a status. In lighting speed my incredibly successful photographer sister jumped on there and told me to go have a bubble bath, after that make a cup of tea, watch a movie and relax. It worked like a treat but my big discovery was how smoothing the ladies of Jazz can be because there is nothing like a little music and a bubble bath. Through that I’ve found their really good to listen to while writing.

So here is a question for all you writers/authors/creative minds. Do you listen to music while you wrote your WIP?

I’ve found since I’ve brought my house almost three years ago, I do most of my writing in the lounge room with the television in the background but that’s a little risky because depending what is on the television it can be distracting. So now I sit at my dining table listening to my ipod writing playlist (yes I made one and yes I am a dork). Melody Gardot, Sarah Vaughan , Etta James and some Billie. Then I thrown some upbeat stuff to wake me up and energize me.

I have recently rediscovered the album ‘Raising Sands’ and found it making an appearance in one or two of my chapters.So I have another question for you.

If you do listen to music, do you find it bleeds into your work?

Love L



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