Music Monday: It Might Get Loud


I sometimes think that my love of music is borderline obsessive. That I might look or rather hear something that just isn’t here, I give music more importance then it deserves. If you have seen 30 seconds to mars  video there is a girl that says Some people believe in god, I believe in music. Some people pray, I turn up the radio. Even though I do believe it a higher power and I am faithful. That statement could have been ripped from my brain and I wholeheartedly agree. I was fortunate enough to see a documentary last night called It Might Get Loud and I realised that maybe, just maybe I am not alone. I found three amazing men who believe and see music in the same way I see it.It Might Get Loud consists three of very different muso’s Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, The Edge of U2 and Mr Jack White of The White Stripes and the amazing music that they can make together and solo.


I was very young when my father introduced me to Led Zeppelin. It wasn’t like he sat me down in the lounge room and said You will love this music. I guess I just picked it up along the way because he would play it in the car when driving some where. Now I love Led Zeppelin in some warped way I had been voluntarily brainwashed. When I think of Jimmy Page I think of him on stage next to Robert Plant and with a double guitar in his hands. Watching this doco I saw him older gentleman, quiet but I could still see he’s love for the music and he’s talent which is the same if not better now.


I only found U2 only a few years ago, even though they had been around for twenty years at least. I brought How To Disable An Atomic Bomb. When I found out they were coming to Sydney for the first time in twenty years something inside clicked and I knew I had to see that show and I did. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen and had everything going for it. After the show I went out the next weekend and brought every album that they had recorded and just sat there in my bedroom and listened. I found a door opened up to a new world and new music possibilities and I have never and will never look back.
Jack White is new too me really. I brought The White Stripes album Elephant when it came out because I couldn’t get enough of Seven Nation Army don’t get me wrong I love that album, I devoured it but there was something about The White Stripes that didn’t mesh well with me. They were childlike, caricature of a band and I guess I didn’t click with them like I did with Zeppelin or U2. That said oddly enough watching It Might Get Loud last night Jack White was the one that I understood the most and I saw a lot of myself in him, if that makes sense. The doco starts off with Jack making an instrument on camera with a piece of wood, old glass coke bottle, a coil-wound magnet, metal string and nails. I thought how cool is that??  He wears his individually like a beacon for the world to see wearing a derby hat, bow tie, cigarillo in his hand. He tells a story about when he was very young and he had a very small room but he moved his bed out of his bedroom to make way for his instruments and he slept on a piece of form on the floor in the space he had left in that room. I would have done that of my parents allowed it. He’s love for the old Blues records blew me away.
I guess the premise of It Might Get Loud is to put these three men in a studio with guitars, amps and see what happens and what happens in magical. I guess It Might Get Loud will open the door to Jack White’s music just like my father opened the door to Led Zeppelin and how the album How To Disable An Atomic Bomb and their live show opened the door to U2. Will this music new and old change my life more then likely No, it won’t but with this music enrich my life absolutely

Love L


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