Photography Dreams

311720_10150362740851854_183897712_n{This is me, taking photos of Sydney while at my sisters wedding. While waiting for the bride}

I love photography and I know some people can look at a photograph it is just a picture but I don’t if it is because photography is something I love to do or the fact that I have an artsy brain but a photograph can say so much and sometime I see photographs and they are so beautiful to me that I can look at it and say That’s why I want to do photography

I think I found my love of photography again. When I was in my final years of high school i took up the hobby. My parents brought me this fantastic camera ( which is broken and now a feature in my lounge room)

Right now I am obsessed with photography blogs. I’m insane let me tell you. I get so inspired by all those beautiful photographs taken by these very talented people. When I left school I wanted to be a photographer but fear kept me from doing anything about it. What if I ruined someone wedding photographs? What if I wasn’t talented enough? What if I couldn’t get a job? What if I didn’t make any money? but I actually walked into the photography shop that I have been eye-ing off for weeks and found my dream camera. Which is ………….over $4000. Oh yeah. Dreams are expensive. I guess I’ll just have to look at the work I’ve already done


{The Photograph That I Was Taking}

Love L



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