Red Carpet…

Hi My Loves,

I have a thing for weird photographs – I mean not weird as in  – a skull floating in a bowl of  split pea  soup  or weird as in – Francisco Goya paintings. I mean usual shots.  I’m a bit of a photo bug and especially at weddings I tent to go a little mental but because of this usual photo thing,I mean I’m the girl to get the candid picture of the couple or The girl taking a shot of the detail of the back of the dress………… you get the point. I’m coo-coo for the unusual, unexpected pictures

My favourite upon favourite on the red carpet photographs are the ones of the celebrity, standing in front  of the bay of photographer screaming their name and from the angle of the photograph all you can see is the star’s back….

The Debt - UK Premiere - Inside Arrivals








I wish I knew why I loved these types of photographs so much but I always search for them after I hear about a red carpet event.

Love L



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