500 Days Of Summer – What is A “Flygel”/ “Flug” or “Fleug”



Ever since I saw 500 Days Of Summer (500-days-of-summer) earlier this year I have wondered. What the heck is a Fleug? In the movie, when they are in Ikea, Tom asks Summer if she would like a “flug” or “fleug”. Ever since I saw this, I have wondered what it is. I googled it, I asked people. Nobody had ever heard of a fleug and all were interest in what it might be. In the six months of wondering I never thought of actually going onto the Ikea website ( That would make sense Right?)

So I was watched the movie on Wednesday night and I thought  Hey-I’ll-Put-On-The-Subtitles-In-The-Ikea-Scene-And-Find-Out-How-Fleug-Is-Actually-Spelt-And-Then-Google-It
So That’s just what I did and found out that it was actually spelt flygel. So off I went to google flygel and HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I found out what a Flygel or Fleug is!!!
You Ready??


they’re in Ikea, right – Ikea’s from Sweden, meaning “Flygel” is a Swedish word.
Now to complicate things; FLYGEL does have two completely different meanings – mainly; Flygel is the word for a ‘Grand Piano’. You know, the huge-ass kind.
A Flygel is also used in architecture. It’s sort of the “wing” of a mansion, an extension to a building, creating a courtyard. Still not that much of a sensemaker? Doesn’t really matter – Ikea likes to put irrelevant Swedish words to perfectly relevant furniture. For some reason. – Thanks to clayhillproductions for explaining it to me – makes so much sense now

Thought I would share the wisdom

love L



2 thoughts on “500 Days Of Summer – What is A “Flygel”/ “Flug” or “Fleug”

  1. thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m korean. I Actually study English by ‘500 days of summer’.
    And i was wondered ‘what is the fluehg?’ too.
    but you’ve figured it out and sharing your wisdom.
    anyhow I really thanks for your wisdom. thank you~

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