Movie Monday: Tamara Drewe

Hi My Loves,

British people? Old British people? Countryside retreats? Unrequited love? Envy? Lust? What the hell is wrong with me?


This is an updated version of Thomas Hardy’s Far from the Madding Crowd but based on a graphic novel by Posy Simmonds. I suppose you could classify it as a dark comedy .it’s peopled with motley crew of characters and brimming with over with deceit duplicity, betrayal, pain and irony.


A pompous, lecherous novelist and his patient, long-suffering wife run a retreat for writers in the England, is a picturesque rural village. Their guests include an American academic and a Lesbian crime novelist. The biggest reason I wanted to watch this, I must admit, is the lovely Gemma Arterton. I love her, had a gal crush on her since Clash of The Titans and more recently Hansel and Gretel  – she really good in this. Tamara Drewe was the Once ugly duckling now bombshell having men falling at her feet (some gals have all the luck) She awakens feelings in sexy old flame, Andy, the decent odd job man .Nicholas  a serial philanderer who cheats on his loyal wife Beth. But Tamara has a new man in her life, Ben, an obnoxious rock drummer whose marriage proposal she accepts, to the dismay of local girl – and Ben’s biggest fan – Jody. Jody’s efforts to sabotage the engagement lead to various consequences…


I have to say throughout the love triangles it is the mischievous teenagers in the end that steal the show as they are so unashamed and reckless  in lust

Love L


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