How hard is writing, anyhow?



Hi all my lovely bloggers who I love and adore


I have a question for my fellow writers/authors/ creative genius  – recently running up against a problem. I take my writing seriously and I work hard at it. Late night and early morning and a caffeine in a Starbucks IV ( if only they were actually a thing) I live by myself, which helps with the writing I have to admit but certain people in my life have a misconception about my life and my work. As in


How hard is writing, anyhow?


I think when I tell them I’ve been writing all weekend  they picture me on the sofa in front of the television eating a whole bag corn chips. At first it didn’t bother me because I knew that I was working my butt off and living off five hours or less sleep a night, plus a nine to five job five days a week to pay the pills. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and the way I live my life isn’t in question.


The question is what do I do about the people that judge my life. Do I just swept their thoughts to the side and under the rug only to step aside when there is a speed bump in my path. Do I confront them about it? or do I just come to the understanding that creative minds are just different and we are all entitled to our own opinion  or d) all of the above.


Have you writers/authors/ creative genius   come up against the same struggle? If so, how did you overcome it?


Love L



2 thoughts on “How hard is writing, anyhow?

  1. I feel you.. I try to ignore what they say and think because I know what I am doing feels right for me. There are some who will understand and some just won’t. As long as it does not get a burden too hard to bear for your relationship to them, it will be fine. After all you are living your life and you are the one who has to judge and change it, not your friends.

  2. I read a quote in a book by Kristen Lamb (who makes her living helping writers) that put what you’re feeling in perspective. To paraphrase: you can tell anyone you want, announce it to the world, that you are a writer. But embrace the reality: nobody cares! Nobody – except other writers – will ever get it. I found this out for myself a few years ago when I decided to take my writing more seriously. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone! But nobody gave a rip. Even my family members, all of whom I love dearly. So I’ve stopped discussing it with anyone except other writers. I’ve found my networks here in the blogging world and in my critique groups. So let those certain people think you’re whiling the hours away on the sofa with your corn chips …but keep writing. 😉

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