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Hi all,

So if you have been reading my blog or even read the title of my blog you know that I think of myself of a writer. It’s something that I just have to do and it makes me happy. When I was younger and my pre-laptop days I used to carry and notepad and pen in my bag just in case inspiration hit me during the day.I wanted to prolific and I wanted to move people. Soon enough I was writing just because I had to and I still have too. It feels weird if I don’t, which makes writers block very strange indeed.

A great many people have told me writer’s write but this writer also reads so prepare to read about my favourite autobiographies.

The Katie Price Autobiography Series ~


Being Jordon ~When anyone disses Katie Price, I just tell them to read this book. Traditionally the wild, provocative wild glamour model Jordan, she’s been involved in scandle and ridicule as far back as I can remember. This book is not about Jordan. It’s about Katie, and the alter ego that has consumed people’s opinions. She’s been through so much in her life, and to get where she is has proved a huge achievement. So I suggest before laying and sort of ridicule on a girl you’ve only seen from the perspective of biased paparazzi, you take a look at this autobiography. I guarentee it will change your mind.


Jordan: A Whole New World ~This book was awesome. Katie is so forth coming and honest in her story telling. I loved this book. I cried, I laughed I couldnt put it down. It made me want to know more about her life with her kids and Pete. It was a wonderful autobiography that left you wanting more. I would recomend this to anyone who loves the life of the rich and famous when they turn out to be Normal like you and I


Jordan: Pushed to the Limit ~ This book was not like her first two. She talks alot about her post natal depression. She also talks about her husband Peter Andre’s illness and son Harvey’s illness and accident. This is much more of a somber read than her others. If you are a Katie Price fan it is still worth reading.


You Only Live Once~ Break-ups, marriage and moving on. The last two and a half years of Katie Price’s life have been anything but quiet. And yet through it all, while her private life continues to be played out on the front pages of the tabloids, Katie has always stuck to what she does best – combining a successful career with the two biggest loves of her life: her three beautiful children and her horses. In this, the latest dazzling instalment of her autobiography, Katie reveals the many highs and lows of the past few years, the challenges she has overcome, and the exhilaration of trying new things. Throughout a highly publicised divorce, her return to the I’m A Celebrity jungle, and her romantic Las Vegas wedding to Celebrity Big Brother winner Alex Reid, Katie has always managed to make the most of every minute. From the woman who always speaks her mind, You Only Live Once gives her devoted and loyal fans the truth behind the headlines, as once again Katie’s unflappable nature, humour and incredible determination allow her to set the record straight and tell her side of this rollercoaster story.

Creating Myself: How I Learned That Beauty Comes in All Shapes, Sizes, and Packages, Including Me ~ Mia Tyler


I  love books that inspire others to overcome life’s trials and believe that life can hold unlimited possibilities for meaning, fulfillment, and happiness. It seems clear that Mia’s goal in writing this book is to help struggling girls and young women. Her honest and authentic story encourages strength and perseverance in readers who may be searching for understanding and hope. A reader cannot help but to be encouraged to become an authentic individual and to create her own destiny. Mia’s famous father and her own modeling career provide a platform for her to get her message out to those who may need a thoughtful message of overcoming. Mia’s insight is revealed in her realization that she needed to make peace with her relationship with her mother. I imagine many people will be encouraged to put in the time and effort to resolve differences, hurts, and misunderstandings in their own fundamentally important relationships because of Mia’s example.


unSweetined: A Memoir – Jodie Sweetin 


Jodie’s humor and frank self awareness grab you from the very first page.It’s easy to forget how big Full House was (and still is in syndication) and what it could mean to a young girl growing up on set. How that family becomes just as important as the one at home – especially when in Jodie’s case, you’re adopted. Drugs so often fill the void, but shocking is just how well she hid it from all her loved ones – especially her cop husband. Salvation so often comes in the promise of the future and Jodie was no exception; her daughter became her saving grace. I recommend this book for fans of the show certainly  but also for everyone who wants to understand the real risks that young Hollywood face and how it is real and not just a clique.

Kerry Katona: Too Much, Too Young: My Story of Love, Survival and Celebrity


Absolutely brilliant read. Kerry writes an heartwarming autobiography of how she has overcome several obstacles in her chaotic life to reach some kind of peace and happiness with her new partner and is expecting a baby with in February. Her tales of her time spent with her mother are sad but Kerry is always fiercely loyal at the same time it is clear she loves her Mum but has recently realized her mum is not to be trusted or relied upon. Kerry then talks candidly about her life with Bryan out of Westlife and how she fought hard to save the marriage despite the fact that Bryan didn’t want to know as he had already fallen in love with Delta Goodrem. Her love for her children is clear throughout the book, she comes across as a good mother and this shines through in her book although recent tales in the press seem to cast doubt on this. I hope she finds a more peaceful relaxed way of life and I want only the best for her. 

So if you’re looking for a good read I hope I’ve helped

Love L



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