It’s All About The Character…..



Hi My Loves,

There is nothing new, from Greek mythology to Shakespeare to every rom-com ever made, we’re just re-imagining the same 12 story plots over and over again – so what makes people keep watching and listening? It’s all about the character.
Jeremy Renner

It’s a strange thing getting emotionally attached to a character. As a writer, as a reader or a viewer. In your head, you know that this person is not real; whatever you’re reading or watching is a fantasy but you just can’t help but care about them, you can’t help but wonder where their journey ( physical and emotional) will take them and worry where they will end up.

As people we are constantly learning, constantly growing. If we weren’t how boring would life be? Doing what I do, I have a high standard for my work. I am my toughest critic, I’m probably too hard on myself because I want it to be perfect, I want people to love the world and the people I create but the cold hard truth is, it is never going to be perfect but if it’s good enough to draw people in and it’s good enough for people to like the characters I’ve created that the care what’s going to happen to them. If whoever is reading is even a little emotional invested, I am going to be happy.


I expect that any day now, I will have said all I have to say; I’ll have used up all my characters, and then I’ll be free to get on with my real life.
Anne Tyler


I’ll watch a fair bit of television, more then I should really (I have a montage and television is cheap) and I’ll get hooked on one particular show and that’s it. That’s my show. The thing I find about shows, reading books or watching movies, is I learn more about writing, more about creating. Not that I would steal ideas or other peoples work because that’s just disgusting and if you have to do that, you shouldn’t be (just my opinion) but you learn through other people work. Don’t worry I’m not going to turn this entry into a waffle on about my craft, because that just not my bag, baby but the truth is, every creative person, every creative sprit will understands each other and we all grow with help from one another, even if it is through their work.

I remember in one of my favorite show last year, one favorite characters life was in peril and the storyline had been building to that exact end, you knew in the season finale whatever nagging questions you have had during the season about this character, would he make it out alive? Is it all a snitch up, apart of a master plan? Was this actually going to happen? Were finally going to be answered.

Truth be told in the first season I hated this character, I thought he was horrible and just a little weird and by a little I mean a lot but through six brilliant seasons, this character I hated in the becoming is actually my all time favorite. So I was worried that they were actually going to kill him off.

Because of the time different when the season finale aired in the States, I was of course at work. So I’ve got the mobile phone hidden on my desk and I’m secretly checking twitter and pushing the hash-tag, just so I could catch some glimmer of hope that this character survived this damn hour of television, thankfully he did

It just showed me if a character written well, just how hard you can pull the readers heartstrings and how if you’re smart with the world you’re writing around, absolute no one, no one is safe.


Every character I play I feel is like a woman I got to meet and learn from getting to hang out with. I see them as their own people. So I think I take something away from everything. ~ Jessica Chastain

 I think this is why actor and writers/authors go hand in hand, in terms of characters. When I write the people I write about are real to me. They live in my mind and talk to me (in a strictly no medication needed way) and when an actor is playing a role they work hard to make them real and find really aspects of their personality and their life to help them.

At the end of the day whether it be film, novel or an art piece if the character is strong, you’re going down the right path

Love L



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