Heaven got another angel today. #prayfordaisy

Hi beautiful ones!


I found this website about this lil girl by the name of Daisy  and she ( and her family) stolen my heart. She has  a Wilm’s malignant tumor  It is cancer but a  curable form and she is fighting her hardest to beat it. I can count how many times I have prayed in the past ten years on both hands but since I heard about Daisy and her family they have been in my thoughts  and constantly in my prays. I wanted more then anything for Daisy to beat this. If I could i’d give her a big ole hug I would. She was always smiling and her strength has just blown me away


Twice since then Daisy has been declared “cancer-free”, but her disease has now advanced into a third round. The suffering of Daisy and her family has been immense, yet her joy remains contagious. Hundreds of thousands have followed her story and shared countless stories of hope and healing inspired by this brave little girl. Daisy and her family moved to Israel, where she began an  form of stem cell transplant.

Sadly the heart that the Merrick Family lifted up for me is so heavy this morning. I got news off the Pray for Daisy FB page that:

At 2:40am this morning our sweet Daisy went to be with Jesus. She was sleeping and in no pain. Christ is with us as the God of all comfort. We are thankful.



Daisy’s Father Britt is a pastor for preaching and vision at Reality Carpinteria in California and I have no doubt that their faith and love in God is helping them through. It’s a funny thing to have people and a family you have never actually met and share in their grief and their heartache and it’s strange that with their own faith and renew your own faith just a little.

Please if you beautiful people could keep The Merricks in your thoughts and prays. Their going to need all the support they can get, right now.

Love L




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