emily Blunt

Hi My Loves,

I’ve been writing one way or another, my whole entire life. I’m the youngest child in my family and there is a pretty big age gap between myself and my big brothers. That’s just one of the things that happen when you’re an oops (as in oops you’re pregnant, who saw that coming) so I’ve always had a pretty big imagination, maybe so I had some company. Then my parents brought me this game for the computer called Storybook Weaver and I loved it, couldn’t get enough of it. They had hundreds of backgrounds, objects and characters. Dragons, hobbits, fairies, giants, ghosts, Greek mythological creatures and magical beings such as sorcerers and witches, I used to spend hours on it. I thought I was really smart because I wrote and designed five whole pages…………. that’s when I also learnt the heartache of not pressing the save button and losing all your work. It was a huge lesson to learn for an eleven year old.

Then in high school I would write letters to my friends while I was in class – with stories about me and my friends dating whatever celeb we like at that moment and give it to them at lunch or recess ( did anyone else write letters to their friends in class?)

So last night (at 2 in the morning so an like me, right?) I started an outline for the novel I’m currently looking into writing. Which I haven’t done in ten years since I started a story I started called Everyday Is A Winding Road – My lab-rats and test subjects loved it but in the end I made it too big and it just was a little too much like every other chick lit book ever written, so I binned it.

I haven’t outlined in so long, it felt weird because normally I can just go to my laptop and the words just flow but over the last few months it just hasn’t been  that way. Even with my friends helping me out with research (Thanks Katherine K – my Budapest expert), so why did I outline last night, I have no idea. Maybe I am trying to get back to basics. I am just hoping this helps me, going forward

Wish me luck

Love L


2 thoughts on “Outlining……

  1. Good luck! Since you haven’t done it in a while – a great resource is “Outlining Your Novel” by KM Weiland. It’s one of my current reads – really helpful (even at 2AM)!

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