Zero Dark Thirty

Hi My Loves,

Do you ever go to movies alone and watching a movie all by yourself? I do on occasion, like today…. There are certain movies that aren’t my friends cup of Joe and before I take them or my mum but I’d spend the movie thinking about if they were liking it or what they were thinking  as they watched it. So over the past few years I’d just go by myself and enjoy. So today I went to see Zero Dark Thirty.tumblr_mhgs3ksxUu1qf4gafo1_500

This movie isn’t everybody’s idea of a good time and by the few reviews I have read it’s either a movie you love or you hate  – I love it – it’s an  intriguing and complex movie with a lot to think about, Yes it is uncomfortable it watch at time, particularly at the beginning  (The Depiction Of Torture In Zero Dark Thirty has been greatly covered in the media)  I am not pro torture at all and it was horrible to watch but here is my quick opinion on it in context of the movie  – Kathryn Bigelow was walking on a double  edge sword – If she hadn’t shown the torture scenes, people would have accused her if sweeping the whole situation under the rug and not depicting the story correctly – so she placed those scenes in the movie  and has been met with controversy. I loved the fact that Kathryn Bigelow was confident enough to make this movie with this type of subject matter; it was always going to be cloaked in controversy but yet she was brave enough to do it.


Let’s talk about the character of Maya for a second, who is played by Jessica Chastain ( Who I also love and adore)  Jes has said about her character Maya

“She lives, breathes, eats, sleeps this mission. Over the course of this decade, the more she steps up, the more she loses herself.”– Jessica Chastain

I mean the way I see it – and this is just me – When we first met Maya she is new-ish to the business, maybe just off the farm. She’s smart but still finding her feet but trying to not let it show. As we go along with her, she gains confidence in her abilities and in her leads and becomes the amazing woman we come to know and in the end, Maya follows her gut and she succeeds in her mission but at the end. When they get their guy – she doesn’t know what to do anymore more, she doesn’t even know where she wants the plane to go.

“This woman, when asked ‘where do you want to go?’, she has no way to begin to answer that question, because she has no idea who she is.” – Jessica Chastain

The character of Maya is inspiring she believes in this one lead, she works tirelessly on this lead, dispute many people telling her that she is wrong and at one point telling her that she is crazy but she still believes in what she is doing.


If you’re an Aussie see how many Aussie Actors are in The Canaries as Maya calls them, the SEALs team as the rest of the world knows them – you will be very surprised, happy and proud. Plus our own Jason Clarke is phenomenal


Art is sometimes controversial. Sometimes a film forces you to think about uncomfortable issues.  Controversy does not change Jessica’s performance ( or the rest of the cast for that matter) or Kathryn Bigelow’s guts to bring this story to our screen. That’s the amazing thing about art and film, a million people can see the same thing and have a million different opinions and a million different emotions, to the same thing

Love L



2 thoughts on “Zero Dark Thirty

  1. I enjoyed this movie very much – intense and nonstop. I wonder how much of it is factual, and how much is Hollywood recreation. The lead actress was fantastic.

    1. I glad its not just me who enjoyed it but I’m with you on the factual side of things but apparently the Maya character is basic on a real woman – which is awesome!!

      Thanks for the comment
      love L

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