‘A Thousand Miles Left Of Behind’ by Gloriana

Hi My Loves,

I have this habit of listening and discovering music late at night. Alone in my bedroom with my headphones on, in the dark, laying in my bed. I don’t know if it’s because its dark and at some ungodly hour. When my mind isn’t cloudy with thoughts of the day or buried in some storyline that I am dreaming up but in just seems to soak in. the lyrics, the music, the story is so much better when my mind is quiet  and I can just concentrate on the beauty of the music.



I was fortunate to do this with Gloriana’s new album ‘ A Thousand Miles Left Of Behind’ I have long had a love affair with this band and their music. A few years ago I went to a Taylor Swift concert ( yes, I admit to it. I went) and I can honestly say the best thing that come out of that night was the fact that Gloriana was Taylor’s warm up act and it was love at first sight or rather first hear. I went home and straight on to itunes to download their first album. Of course you always have your favorite songs and I kind of stuck to mine. Since then the band has come through leaps and bounds  and Gloriana has been through some changes. One band member might have left but the band it’s self has grown as artists ( oh god, That didn’t sound too stuck up did it?) and you can really hear it in their music.




I put one of their songs ‘Carolina Rose’ on my awesome links for awesome people post, because it just floored me. It actually remains me a fair bit of James Taylor – in a great way – I grew up listening to JT – so that sound just feels like home to me.


So last night I stayed up and listened to the stories that Tom, Mike and Rachel  were willing to tell me. They put their heart and souls on the line. That’s just the way they write, everything is heartfelt and truthful, which is rare in the music industry these days. I am a bit old school when it comes to my music . If it’s more about the outrageous outfit or what color you hair is this week, just get off my ipod. Maybe that’s why I am so taken with Gloriana. When someone writes ‘So goodbye, city of angels. I left my angel back at home. Now I know that everything I need is in your eyes’ you have my attention, while warming my heart.

Love L



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