Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall

Hi My Loves,

I think I have realized where I went wrong with what I have been writing.  I went in, in the begin with this notion to confront the stereotypical view of the mistress. Most of us would or only see the mistress as a younger woman that doesn’t own a pair of shoes shorter then six inches, the predatory man-eater with a taste for married men, who would answer the door for the milk man in her underwear. The general impression  is that the ‘other’ relationship is all about sex and the danger of getting caught. With little or no heartstrings involved. What if, it was true love but just at the wrong time. I wanted to confront that, change that idea 


While filming To Have and Have Not, Humphrey Bogart became enchanted with Lauren Bacall.  This became apparent, according to Bacall, about three weeks into the shooting of the picture.  Immediately it presented problems, because Bogart was still married to Mayo Methot, who was as watchful and as jealous as ever.  A few weeks earlier, when he was congratulating Bacall on her screen test (which consisted of the famous ‘If you want me, just whistle’ scene), his prescient comment had been ‘We’ll have a lot of fun together,’ but for a while it seemed as if fun was the last thing on their agenda: they would drive their cars to secluded residential streets and sit holding hands and talking, or write each other long, ardent, frustrated letters.  And when shooting on To Have and Have Not was over, they had no further excuse for being together.  Fortunately fate was quick to step in, in the kindly guise of Howard Hawks and Warner’s executives, who were so pleased with the on-screen chemistry between the two stars that they decided to waste no time before pairing them again.  In October 1944 they began filming  their second film The Big Sleep where they resumed their affair with a vengeance.

Everybody knows that Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall – the most famous Hollywood love story.When they met, Bacall was 19 and Bogart was 44. He nicknamed her “Baby.” Bogart was still  married and his early meetings with Bacall were discreet and brief, their separations bridged by ardent love letters.He let her steal scenes and even encouraged it.

Lauren Bacall is  tough, she’s sassy and the bottom line was Bogie and Bacall were truly in love. She wasn’t ditsy, she wasn’t a blonde bimbo, in her own words ‘I was this flat-chested, big-footed, lanky thing’ – Lauren Bacall is not what you think of when you think mistress – is she?

Love L



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