Delete, A Bottle Of Wine & Coffee


After deciding to scratch everything I have written over the past three months and start again ….. All I have done is finish a bottle of wine. Now that dedication :/

Hi My Loves,

So last night I made a huge decision to start over.When in doubt, start again right?  The story just wasn’t working, wasn’t flowing and if you have read the past few post about it, you know the trouble I have been having with it. So after I finished the half a bottle of Brown Brothers Cienna wine, some Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream and a little bit of coffee:


I was feeling pretty good about my decision, actually I felt really good, However on this wonderful morning, with only two hours sleep and a heavy head, I now feel like this:


But I am going to carry on. Told you the life of an author wasn’t glamours as Carrie Bradshaw makes it out to be, Damn Bradshaw.

Love L



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